Die-Cut Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes

Global Carton specializes in manufacturing any die cut boxes, that suits your precise packaging requirements. Our carton boxes are smartly designed and come to you flat packed, taking up minimal storage space. They allow quick and trouble-free assembly with no staples, no tape, just fold self-contained boxes into shape and can be sent across.

The term ‘Die-Cut’ describes the use of a knife or die, to cut or punch out a specific shape that can then be folded precisely. These boxes are carefully designed and produced to contain your product, despite its shape and size. Our range of die cut products are versatile and come with the following features:

  • They are self-closing that closes automatically when packed on your product line
  • The bottom of the carton box pops into place when given a slight push with a crash lock mechanism.

  • The sides pop up as you pack with a self-erecting feature.
  • The handles on either side facilitate comfortable & easy handling.
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